My 20 years of senior management and executive positions in the high technology sector, unusually coupled with the qualifications and experience of a mental health counselor, gives you the opportunity to bring a unique skillset of analysis, problem-solving, organizational dynamics, and compassion to your individual or organizational challenges. Please contact me for more information, or to set up an exploratory discussion, to see if my skills are a fit for your needs.

Examples of consulting services include:

  • Executive and leadership coaching
    For indivuduals or for teams.

  • Organizational dynamics and cultural assessment
    A 360 assessment with analysis and recommendations.

  • Team performance enhancement
    Become the high-performing team you know you can be.

  • Management of change
    Making change happen, and making it stick.

  • Burnout and work-life balance
    Living to work? Working to live? Not enough hours in the day? Maybe a re-evaluation is in order.


Consulting rates vary by situation, and are negotiable, with hourly or project-based rates. Please contact me for more information .